Reasons For Stalling a Horse

Reasons For Stalling a Horse

A way to help satisfy the exercise requirement for horses that are not ridden enough is to turn out horses at least several hours a day.

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horse breeds

Types of Horse Stuff

If your horse is prone to back pain and doesn’t feel comfortable in its saddle, it might be time to buy a new saddle pad. Many options are available, from the thickest wool pads to the thinnest vinyl or plastic.

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Western Leather Horse Saddle

What Are the Different Types of Horse Saddles?

When shopping for an English horse saddle, you must first know how to measure your body. This can be accomplished by sitting in a chair and measuring from the knee to the back of

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Horse Saddles

Important Considerations When Choosing Horse Saddles

Saddles are upholstered seats for the rider of a horse. A well-made saddle provides support and security and lets the rider sit over the animal’s point of balance. Saddles have many components, including a base frame, panels, flaps, and skirts.

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Training Your Horse

How to Develop a Horse’s Mental Attitude – Techniques and Methods for Training Your Horse

It is important to learn how to time your signals properly. If you don’t learn the exact timing of your signals, you’re more likely to end up with a horse that is frustrated and not responding to the training you’re trying to do.

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Riding the Unpredictable Horse

Riding the Unpredictable Horse

Whether you’re riding for recreation or you’re competing with your horse, we’ll be your resource for everything related to equine sports, including safety tips, training and more.

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Horse Riding in Iceland

Iceland has its own unique horse breed that came to Iceland with the first settlers. Archaeological digs have revealed that the ancient breed is a descendant of a now-extinct breed except for in Iceland, where the isolation has kept it preserved. The Icelandic horse is well known for having a heavy coat, being short, sturdy, […]

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Horse Training – Bucking

New horse owners will surely freak out when they see an animal bucking. Their dream to ride a horse might end in that instant. But wait… don’t give up yet. There’s still a chance to fulfil that dream. Other riders are able to manipulate bucking horses but that doesn’t make them excellent trainers. Training a […]

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Horse Training – Catching the Horse’s Attention

If you want to train your horse, you need to catch its attention. Horses hate human presence; they instantly feel threatened when humans are around. You see, they are the prey while the humans are the predators. It’s a natural instinct for horses to evade humans. Catching their attention is of great importance to the […]

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Keeping Your Riding Crops Organized

Horse Lead Training Horsemen often boast about their horses having ‘the feel’. What it’s all about anyway? You will find out later once you’ve learned about horse lead training. How to keep your whips & crops organized with the right holder video Training your horse to wear a halter and the lead may take some […]

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The History of Horse Blankets

Horse blankets have been used at ceremonies and other special occasions. The intention was actual use under a saddle, often with an added pad. The blanket also served to cover the pad for a better look for riding or for show. The blanket could be used when riding with no saddle or pad, serving as […]

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De-Spooking Your Horse

Horse Training – The Natural Way Training a horse is not as easy as you may think. But are you aware that by using the horse’s movements and body language, you can easily train it? It is important to establish trust between the rider and the horse. Choosing the right horse training techniques is vital […]

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How To Remove a Rope Halter With a Bridle On

Horse Training Equipment You can’t possibly complete horse training without the proper equipment. If this is your first time to train horses, you should get this equipment. Some of the equipment are bits, bridles, cinches or girths, halters, lead ropes, breast collars or headstalls, saddles, saddle pads, blankets, stirrups, spurs, spur straps, toys, cribbing, and […]

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How to stop your horse with loose reins video

Horse Training – Parelli Method Pat Parelli was able to develop a philosophy on how to handle horses. It is similar to reverse psychology. In this horse training method, the horses will do the opposite of your commands. In the natural setting, horses are considered preys while the humans are the predators. This fact was […]

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Horse Tack-Purchasing a Western Saddle Blanket

At first, it can seem like such a simple task, all you have to do is open that glossy horse supply and tack catalog that is laying on the table and purchase a new Western saddle pad. No problem. Just a few short seconds after opening the catalog you realize exactly how big a project […]

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How To Back Up A Horse With More Energy

Horse Training – Becoming a Trainer Horse training is a difficult task. Being a trainer is really rewarding even and at times it can be time consuming and dangerous. In order to become a good trainer, you must first look for an established and reputable horse trainer in your area and become his assistant. You […]

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Video: Teach a Horse to Side Pass on the Ground – Part 2

Horse Training Guidelines Horsemanship can be easy if you know some guidelines. In this article, you will find helpful guidelines that you can use in horse training. Some horses are easily trained while others are extremely difficult to handle. There should be eagerness on the part of the horse and it will depend on the […]

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What Is Western Tack?

Western tack is also known as ‘cowboy tack’. There is a difference in some of the western tack as opposed to, say, English tack. The English, for instance, have different tack to accommodate their different usage and riding styles. Western tack is used more for the purpose of riding the range, in rodeo events, western […]

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Video: Securing the Reins for Lunging a Horse

Horse Training – Rearing Rearing a horse can be dangerous. It’s an undesirable situation that can put you and your horse in real danger. How can you stop horse rearing? There are lots of horse training resources out there but you don’t need to look anywhere else because the answer is already here. This video […]

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Horse Training Schools

If you want to become a good horse trainer, you should be able to attend horse training schools. Education is very important and this is also true with proper horse training. as you become a good trainer, you can also improve your riding skills. Video: How To Stop Rearing and Bucking – How to deal […]

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