About Horse Saddles and Horse Blankets

Horse saddles and horse blankets are something people usually associate together when the horse comes to mind. If you plan to ride your horse, you’ll need both.
Even if you don’t have to use the horse blanket with the horse saddle, you’ll still want a horse blanket for other times.
You’ll want one when your horse is kept in a drafty stall when your horse is waiting out in the cold weather for a show, when your horse is waiting in a holding pen for vet’s attention and it is cold outside.

Video: Natural Horsemanship by Juliane with her pony Quilly

When you think of buying a new horse saddle, consider the trial period in case you’ll want to return it for a better fit. Surely you didn’t think it would be as easy as just buying a universal saddle fit for any horse or rider?

No, my unsuspecting horse friend, it is, unfortunately, more involved than that. Oh, but the journey for the proper saddle and blanket is well worth the efforts both for you and your equine partner.

Buying a horse saddle that doesn’t fit the horse, rider, or the occasion will only cause regrets and soreness that could be avoided by a thoughtful purchase.

Ask any horse enthusiast and you’ll find that buying the proper gear is a welcome investment!

You’ll want to consider what type of riding you’ll do. Saddles are basically wood or fibreglass in a frame that is covered with leather. Although, you’ll find technical advances have allowed for the more modern synthetic material in lieu of the leather covering.

Regardless of what your saddle is constructed of, the quality and purpose and fit are most important. You’ll want your money’s worth.

There are several different choices to make before purchasing a blanket as well. You must have a blanket under a western saddle for the horse and rider to be comfortable during the ride.

Blankets are made for performance, for miniature horses, and for show. Although the Navajo horse blanket is a popular choice is a western-style is a consideration, there are others available.

There are quilted blankets, foal blankets, antisweat sheets, and cooling blankets.

For your added comfort, there are softee seats, suede seats, and even shock absorbers, which might be welcomed after a lengthy time away from riding because of medical reasons.

Whatever type of horse saddle or horse blanket you’ll require to be certain both will best benefit you and your horse.

The saddle must fit not only the size of the horse but the size and shape of the rider as well. A poor fit can cause sure muscles, blisters, and bruising for you both. Not only should you consider this for yourself, but for children riders.

The child will continue to grow, but the saddle should fit them at their current size.

Saddles used for other than pleasure riding include those bought for endurance, show, roping, barrel races, and ponies.

There are many different brands of all these types of saddles.

It’s a matter of choice, price, and availability.

Happy hunting!

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