Why Leg Wraps and Horse Blankets are Handy

Many items are needed to care for . Let’s explore two such items now. Suppose your horse needed added warmth?

Would you just let it shiver and risk illness?

No, you’d provide it with something called a horse blanket.

Horse blankets are quite handy and can be used in many different ways, to benefit both you and your horse.

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Some people collect horse blankets to use as decorations around their home, office, or restaurant.

Museums have collections of horse blankets, which date back centuries. A true horseman respects the use of the horse blanket and has discovered much value in owning several.

The old West was not complete without horse blankets. They kept the horse comfortable by providing padding underneath the saddle, kept the horse warm and even at times provided warmth or a pillow for the rider.

They were valuable to use for trade in areas where they were not readily available.

Now let’s discuss the leg wrap. If you prefer, you can find a leg wrap to match the color of your horse blanket.

This might be an issue is you are entering a parade or showing your horse or if you just prefer such attention to detail. There are many colors available in leg wraps.

do get injuries and require leg wraps as part of your medical supplies. A conscientious horse owner would keep a few on hand for emergencies.

They are sold at veterinary supply offices. Use your leg wraps wisely so as to enhance and not hinder the healing process of your wounded animal.

Magnetic leg wraps are sold for aid to circulation problems and to enhance the cellular activity for quicker healing. This might benefit problems with joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
There are elastic bandage leg wraps, also used by some people for their own injuries, sold in four by five-yard rolls, which stick to themselves.

Should you want your youngster to feel important while caring for your wounded pet, you could use animal print leg wraps. This would make learning about more appealing for the child.

If color isn’t an issue, there is your basic black leg wrap, made of neoprene.

ZMERCH 4X Horse Boots Leg Wraps Protector Front Hind Legs Guard Neoprene Horse Support Legs Protection Gears for Equestrian Accessories
  • PROTECT HORSE LEG: Shockproof, elastic, impermeable and breathable, durable, offer excellent support and protection.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Quality Neoprene material, soft and comfortable, acts as a cushioning.
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Good elasticity, horse leg wraps can provide support and protection for the horse’s legs.
  • KEEP HORSE LEG CLEAN: It also can washed by water and reusable, soft and comfortable to wear. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • APPLICATION RANGE: Suitable for equestrian competitions and training.

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Or you could buy a fancy satin white leg wrap. Quilted leg wraps can be washed in your washer and thrown into your dryer, providing longer-lasting use.
If you are out rounding up far away from the home and maybe are unable to get back quickly, suppose your horse develops cuts on his legs and you have nothing suitable to use as a bandage or leg protection before heading into rougher territory.

Once more, we bring leg wraps and horse blankets together.

What’s more important, the blanket, or your animal’s welfare?

Cut off a piece of the horse blanket and use it as a temporary leg wrap.

Always consider consulting your local veterinarian for your horse’s injuries.

A leg wrap may not be necessary and if not used properly could inhibit the results.

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