Horse Supplies Checklist

When you buy a horse, it’s important to have the right supplies. Here’s a list of items to buy to ensure your horse is healthy and happy. The list also includes items to care for your horse, such as grooming supplies, first aid kits, and items for feeding, such as grain and hay.

First aid supplies

Equine first aid kits should be portable and organized. They should have well-sealed compartments to prevent moisture and dirt from leaking inside. The materials used should be sterile and easy to find in case of emergency. They should also be durable to withstand extreme weather conditions.

A good horse first aid kit will include several items to help the horse heal faster. Some items include self-adhesive bandages, gamgee, stable bandages, and strong medical adhesive tape. A stethoscope and a thermometer are other items to include in a first aid kit.

A stethoscope is inexpensive and can be purchased at a medical supply store or online for under $30.

First aid supplies also should include a saline solution that is effective at flushing wounds and is gentler on tissues than many products. A saline solution can be prepared by mixing table salt in 600 ml warm water.

A sterile gauze pad is another useful item for a wound. You should also include a pair of latex gloves for protection.

Medications should also be included in a horse’s first aid kit. However, it is best to consult a veterinarian before giving your horse any medication. Incorrect administration of intravenous injections can be very dangerous.

In addition, some medications can only be administered orally. Luckily, many of these medications are available in oral form.

An effective first aid kit can be very useful in emergencies. It includes essential items and can prevent a horse from suffering from a serious injury. A first aid kit should have some of the following: a bandage, cotton bandages, and antiseptic scrub. This will help relieve pain and soothe the affected area. An iodine pad is another essential piece of equipment.

Lastly, lubricating jelly is useful to protect the sensitive skin of the horse’s heel. Finally, a pair of latex gloves is also handy for keeping hands clean. A headlamp is also useful for viewing wounds in dim areas.

Grooming supplies

Grooming your horse is a very important part of caring for them and having the right grooming supplies. Many people purchase grooming supplies from specialized retailers, but you can also find great quality items at a local retail store.

You can find various products that will make your job much easier, including brushes, a horse wash, and hoof picks.

One of the first grooming supplies for horses is a curry comb, a circular or oval brush with long ridges for loosening hair and dirt. This comb is usually the first tool used during daily grooming and is effective at loosening any shedding hair or dirt.

A curry comb is made of rubber or plastic and is one of the horses’ most popular grooming supplies. A curry comb is a good choice because it is affordable, and it is very durable.

Another tool for grooming a horse is a hoof pick, metal or plastic handle that can be curved or straight. It is ideal for removing mud and dirt from the horse’s hooves and is available in many sizes. Hoof picks are also available in ergonomic designs and magnetic designs.

In addition to removing dirt and dust, horse grooming supplies are essential for caring for your horse. A good grooming kit should include a variety of brushes, including stiff, medium, and soft brushes. A curry comb is also an excellent tool to loosen up mud and dirt.

Afterward, you can apply mane and tail polish, hoof oil, and other grooming products to make your horse look spotless.


When you decide to board your horse at home, you should know the basic horse supplies you will need. These supplies are essential for caring for your horse.

They will help keep you and your horse safe. If you do not own any of these supplies, you can get them from a professional boarding facility.

To keep your horse warm, you should have three different types of blankets in different thicknesses. You should also have plenty of hay, enough for the entire trip. If possible, you should buy weed-free hay for your horse. Remember to have first aid supplies and gear.

You should also have some veterinary products for your horse. You may need antimicrobial swabs, stable bandages, and a veterinary horse thermometer. A large leg wrap is essential if your horse needs to be treated for an injury.

You should also have a flashlight for spotting small injuries. You should also have non-adhesive wound pads at least four inches wide.

In addition to hay, you should have a stable ready for your horse. You should also have bedding and fresh water ready for your horse. You should also stock up on grooming tools. You should also buy some lead ropes.

You should also have a few weeks’ worths of grain and supplements for your horse. Be sure to prepare your stable before you start your horse.


Investing in quality horse supplies is essential for keeping your horse healthy and comfortable. It can be overwhelming to choose which items you need for your horse, especially with all the available on the market.

For example, you may need horse feed pans and flat containers for feeding your horse on the floor. This helps reduce choking hazards and allows for more efficient internal processing of nutrients.

It’s also important to have first aid supplies. Horses get into all sorts of situations, so you’ll want to have a variety of bandages, gauze pads, wound cleaner, and antibiotic cream on hand at all times.

You’ll also want to have some detangling shampoo and a detangler for cleaning your horse’s mane. You can also get some spot remover or a shine maker for your horse’s mane.

A good pair of boots and a mucking hat are also necessary. A good pair of gloves is also essential. Other items you’ll need are a first aid kit and hoof bandages. Also, consider a tack trolley, which will keep all your tack safely.

Keeping your horse warm is also important. Ensure you have water buckets and rubber trugs in your stable. Make sure these items don’t have metal handles! Also, have plastic stirrers and wooden spoons for mixing feed.

A thermos flask on hand is essential when it’s , and you don’t want to be left out in the cold.


There are several horse supplies you should have on hand. While some of these can wait until you’ve purchased the horse, others are important to have right away. Flashlights, portable first aid kits, and instant activation ice packs are all must-haves. You should also have non-adhesive wound pads that are at least four inches wide. Other essentials include sterile cotton and two-inch-wide gauze.

You should also have buckets and barrels for your horse’s water and feed. You can’t feed your horse directly on the ground because it can cause sand in the intestines, leading to colic.

You also need a good pitchfork or wheelbarrow for moving hay around.

A good pair of boots is important for both you and your horse. You should also have a fleece rug for chilly weather. You can use it as an extra layer of warmth in the winter or for cooling off after exercise. If you’re going to show your horse, you should invest in overreach boots.

A magic brush will help you remove mud from your horse’s feet, and riding gloves protect your hands from chapping. Lip balm and sun cream will help soothe irritated skin.

Another important horse supplies checklist is a vet kit. The vet kit should have a thermometer and stethoscope, as well as wound cleaners, maxi pads, and elastic medical tape. If you can’t find these items locally, you can check online to see what you can get for a better deal.

In addition, you should also have some grain and hay for your horse. It’s important to check what kind of hay your horse has been eating. Try switching to grass hay instead if you’ve been using alfalfa or mixed hay. It can be hard on your horse’s digestive system.

Once you’ve found some quality hay, you can move on to buying grain and supplementing it as needed.

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