Horse Breeds - Friesian Horse

Horse Breeds – Friesian Horse

The Friesian horse is an ideal partner for riders seeking a partner in dressage or other riding disciplines. These intelligent respond well to training techniques that emphasize rewards rather than punishment or harsh corrections.

Friesians are highly social animals who value connection with humans and other . These characteristics make them ideal therapy for both children and adults alike.


Friesian horses are stunning and majestic animals that can be used in a variety of settings. They often are bred for their kind dispositions and eagerness to learn, making them ideal family horses due to their calm demeanor and willingness to be handled by all household members.

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They make excellent driving horses, creating the picturesque image of a carriage horse with their flowing manes and tails, high knee action, and strong hindquarters. Production companies love them too as their serene demeanor makes them easy to train.

The Friesian is a muscular breed that can reach heights of 17 hands. They feature an arching neck and well-defined head with short ears. Furthermore, their natural animated gait has been selectively bred for high extended-from-leg action.

Their black coats with long, luxurious manes and tails are a major attraction. Additionally, they have untrimmed hair on their lower legs called ‘feathers’ that adds to their appeal.

Though they are elegant and noble horses, Friesian horses can be stubborn and require a handler with experience to train them. Furthermore, these majestic horses may become frightened by sudden loud noises, so care must be taken when training them.

These horses possess great intelligence and require a dedicated trainer to keep them focused. Furthermore, they are highly sensitive to insect bites, which may result in an intense reaction known as anhidrosis.

They thrive best in cool temperatures and don’t tolerate heat well. Heat can lead to anhydrosis (when they don’t sweat enough), which could result in hoof rot or bone damage.

The Friesian horse almost went extinct during the 19th century, but its popularity was revived during WWII when farmers needed a draft horse capable of plowing and pulling wagons. These breeds are widely bred and highly sought-after in America; their ancestry mostly derives from Equus robustus; however, they have also been cross-bred with Arabians and Andalusian horses for added appeal.


Horses have distinct personalities and temperaments. Some tend to be social and friendly, while others can be distant or stubborn. Therefore, finding a horse that complements your lifestyle and personality is essential.

Friesian horses are renowned for their placid dispositions and endearing personalities. They tend to be easy to train and eager to please their owners due to their highly intelligent natures and social natures, which makes them ideal teaching partners.

These characteristics make them suitable for a variety of settings, including equestrian sports and entertainment. Furthermore, they make great family horses due to their adaptability; they will thrive in most conditions.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, Friesian horses were brought to Europe through contact between Holland and Spain. This intercultural exchange introduced Andalusian blood into their pedigree, leading to higher knees and more craning necks in these horses.

Today, Friesians are used for various tasks; however, they’re primarily bred for riding and harness work due to their large stature, which ranges in height from 15.2 to 17 hands.

Their average body weight ranges between 600 and 900 pounds, but they can weigh up to 1,400 pounds. Their life expectancy is 25 to 30 years; however, they may suffer from issues like anhidrosis (excessive sweating or shivering) which causes them to sweat excessively and shiver excessively.

Another common condition among working Friesians is a compromised immune system. They may experience retained placentas, skin irritations, and allergies; some even suffer from dwarfism (25 percent shorter than average height) or hydrocephalus (accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid inside their skull).

Finally, they are particularly susceptible to verrucous pastern dermatopathy, a condition caused by their long, thick mane that traps moisture and debris beneath their legs. This chronic condition also leads to thick, scabby nodules, which may cause pain and discomfort for the horse.

Friesian horses are renowned for their friendly dispositions and trainability, making them an attractive option among equestrians. Not only can they excel in dressage competitions, but they also make great trail riding partners.

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Friesian horses are renowned for their talent in various riding disciplines. They’re calm and gentle yet highly energetic. With proper training, these gentle giants can be taught dressage, show jumping and driving techniques.

Friesians make excellent family horses due to their gentle nature and easy-going nature. They can be ridden or driven in all capacities, from singles to four-in-hand, and often show off their skills through harness and dressage competitions.

Their jet black coat, majestic mane, and tail make them stand out. These elegant horses are renowned for their expressive face and high-set neck.

They possess a muscular build and powerful legs and hindquarters, making them ideal for driving as they can easily pull a wagon.

The Friesian is a breed that was once widely used for military use. These war horses were typically black in color, with some bays and chestnuts still remaining today.

Friesians are an intelligent breed and can be taught almost any riding discipline. Their captivating looks and elegant demeanor make them popular choices for movie roles and for reenacting historical battles.

Friesians can be difficult to train due to their athletic nature. Studies have indicated that they require a different management style than other horse breeds due to a higher anaerobic threshold (the point at which lactic acid in the blood affects how quickly muscles recover after exercising) than other breeds.

To avoid overextending and ensure optimal training outcomes, young Friesian horses require a balance of high-intensity days followed by relative rest or low-intensity days. These could include lunging, paddock turn-out or riding without cantering to allow tissue recovery and super-compensation.

Young Friesian horses can be taught basic dressage and driving techniques, provided the training intensity is monitored carefully. They also make excellent candidates for endurance exercises like lunging or trail rides.

Friesian horses can be temperamental, so matching your riding abilities with their temperament is essential. A calm and reliable horse will enhance your experience riding and make working with them much smoother.


Friesians are an elegant breed that combines strength and grace. They’re great for light farm work, trail riding, driving – even dressage riding!

Unfortunately, horses can succumb to certain health issues, which makes it essential to take preventive measures. Conditions like anhydrosis (the lack of sweating in cold climates); aortic rupture; megaesophagus; and equine polysaccharide storage myopathy should all be considered.

Horse owners can help their Friesian maintain a healthy coat and skin through proper nutrition and grooming. Stalls should be cleaned daily; then, they should be brushed with a gentle shampoo that contains color-enhancing ingredients.

In the daytime, let them out in low sunlight areas; at night, they should rest in cool, shaded areas.

Since they can get dry, keeping their skin and coat clean and moisturized with a quality product like Medi-Care Med Shampoo W/Tea Tree & Lemon Grass is essential. Additionally, trimming their hooves regularly is beneficial for their well-being as well.

The Friesian horse has large bones, so it’s essential to provide them with enough hay and pasture grass to get all the essential nutrients they require. Consulting your veterinarian also may be beneficial in ensuring that your equine is getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Maintaining your horse’s health and happiness by feeding them a balanced, nutritious diet is essential. Depending on their age, weight, and activity level, they may also require additional grains or nutritional supplements.

A diet consisting of the proper balance of hay, pasture grass, and salt block should provide your Friesian with all the essential nutrients they require. To ensure it meets their individual requirements, consult with a veterinarian and send in samples for lab testing to confirm they’re getting all necessary vitamins and minerals.

Friesian horses can lead long and rewarding life with the proper care. While they require considerable time and devotion, they are fiercely loyal to their owners. Not only that, but these gentle horses make wonderful companions in any home.

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