Best Horse Breeds For Riding

Best Horse Breeds For Riding

If you’re beginning your horseback journey, select a breed that will build confidence. That is why choosing an accommodating, calm, and easy-going breed is essential.

Here is our selection of top horse breeds for beginner riders to help you choose your perfect horse!

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is one of the best horse breeds for riding due to their friendly demeanor and highly trainable nature. They make excellent partners for riders of all experience levels, from doing police work to competing in dressage competitions. You’ll see these talented horses doing a variety of tasks around town!

The American Quarter Horse can trace its roots back to the 1600s when Spanish Barb, Arabian, and Iberian horses were brought to America for crossbreeding with Native American equines and feral mustangs. This resulted in a hardy breed that proved ideal for working on the new frontier due to its strength, endurance, and dependability.

Their strength and endurance made them a go-to choice for cattlemen who needed an adaptable, hardy animal to haul their herds across the vast plains of America and beyond. Additionally, American Civil War cavalry units appreciated their reliable performance in battle.

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Consequently, the American Quarter Horse has become a highly sought-after breed in both America and abroad. Its intelligence and gentle nature make it ideal for novice riders learning about horses and experienced riders searching for an encouraging partner to help them excel in equine discipline.

The American Quarter Horse is the giant breed of horse in America. It has been bred for various purposes, such as racing, working on ranches, rodeos, and many other equine disciplines. Due to their versatility, they have become one of the most well-known horse breeds across America.


Arabians are the ideal horse breed for riding due to their speed, strength, and endurance. They also make excellent dressage horses, long-distance trail competitors, and show stoppers in the show ring.

The Arabian horse’s history dates back thousands of years to the Bedouin tribes living in a desert region along the Arabian Peninsula. To survive in their harsh environment, these horses were selectively bred to be minor, strong, and agile enough.

These animals were prized as war mounts by nobility, conquerors, and historical figures such as Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte. Bred for endurance, these beasts carried riders across the desert in races.

Arabian horses have become one of the world’s most beloved breeds, inspiring many modern-day horse breeds with their gentle temperament, friendliness, and alertness. They hold great respect in society today as highly-regarded equine ambassadors that all must see.

They are sturdy, compact animal that stands between 14.1 and 15.2 hands tall and weighs between 800 and 1000 pounds. Their small stature makes them ideal for survival in desert regions since they consume fewer resources and can carry more weight than larger horses can.

These horses feature a refined head with a dished profile – the area between their forehead and nose is slightly concave. They come in an array of coat colors, such as bay, gray, chestnut, black, or roan. Many also sport white facial markings along with socks or stockings on their legs for added warmth.


The Friesian horse breed, hailing from the Netherlands, is an unusual and powerful horse once known as the “black stallion.” They stand tall and robust with impressive bone structures.

These horses feature a long, flowing mane and tail as well as prominent fetlock hair. Additionally, they are renowned for their strength – making them an excellent choice for endurance riding.

Though most people associate the Friesian with a show horse, they’re great for driving and dressage. Their powerful hindquarters also make them perfect for harness racing.

They have a long and storied history in Europe, dating back to the Crusades and Roman times. Initially used for battle as war horses, they were eventually adapted for farming and general use by Dutch citizens.

The Friesian horse is an all-purpose breed, capable of dressage, driving, jumping, and stunt work. Though they may not be as fast as some of their counterparts, these horses still reach speeds of 30 mph.

These horses boast an excellent temperament, and riders widely admire their natural ability in harness. Furthermore, they’re very obedient – making them great family companions! These horses have become very popular in harness racing and dressage competitions; they even make demonstrations! Furthermore, their beautiful looks make them the ideal addition to any horse enthusiast’s collection!

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Kentucky Mountain Horse

The Kentucky Mountain Horse is a unique breed originating in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky. They make excellent riding horses due to their easy-going personalities and graceful gaits.

For centuries, mountain people of eastern Kentucky have bred this breed to survive on the rugged terrain. Their versatility allows them to perform various tasks, from riding and driving quickly.

They possess great intelligence and an eye for detail, making them a tremendous asset to any family. Not only that, but their calm demeanor makes them great teachers or mentors for children or beginners.

These horses have been around for over 200 years and are commonly called the “Kentucky saddle horse.” Bred by the mountain people of Kentucky for their strength and useful qualities as farm horses, these animals began drawing attention from people outside Kentucky after living in seclusion for some time.

They have become a highly sought-after breed for riding and come in an array of solid horse colors such as bay, palomino, gray, perlino, cremello, white, chestnut, roan, black, champagne dun grullo, and brown. Additionally, there is the rare flaxen liver chestnut or silver bay color, which is highly valued among fans of the breed.

Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter is one of the best horse breeds for riding due to its calm disposition and natural gait. These qualities make it ideal for beginners who desire a calm, stable ride that responds quickly when trained by more experienced riders.

This gaited breed is ideal for working on farms and ranches and pleasure riding. They have even become famous therapy horses for children with disabilities and older adults.

They make excellent trail riders due to their stamina and weight-carrying capacity. Furthermore, they make popular family pets due to their gentle yet mellow dispositions.

Horses come in various colors, such as bay, black, roan, buckskin, chestnut, gray, palomino, sorrel, tobiano, over, and white. Their coat should be soft and silky to the touch.

Their standard gaits are the flat-footed walk, smooth “fox” trot, and relaxed canter. These movements come naturally without special shoeing or training to master; they require only natural athleticism to execute them successfully.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a gaited breed ideal for working on farms and trail riding. Their surefootedness and poise make them ideal choices for beginner riders and those with disabilities.

If you’re searching for a horse that can assist with any riding, look no further than the . This breed is renowned for its versatility in various equine disciplines, such as dressage and reining.

Reining is a sport where horses and riders compete against one another in various patterns. To win, the horse must remain under control throughout the contest without showing signs of resistance to their trainer’s commands.

Morgans are ideal for reining, thanks to their compact and agile body. Additionally, they excel in many English and Western riding disciplines, such as show jumping and dressage.

The ’s calm temperament and eagerness to learn make it an ideal partner for new riders. To ensure successful training of your horse, begin when they are young so they become more obedient towards you.

Consequently, the Morgan is one of America’s most beloved horse breeds. They are renowned for their athletic prowess, majestic appearance, and friendly and nurturing personalities.

The Morgan is an impressively sturdy and robust horse that can live for over 30 years if properly cared for. Though low maintenance, it still needs regular veterinary check-ups to stay healthy and get plenty of exercises daily.

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