The horse blanket was created for functional use, to be placed under the as an extra cushion, or to be used when a was not available or not necessary.
When without a , the blanket can soak up sweat or dirt from the horse to prevent or reduce transfer onto your clothing and makes the ride a bit more comfortable for the animal.
It grew in popularity over the years and became an item of decoration, both on the horse and in the home.

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The saddle sits on top of the blanket, which also helps protect the lining of the saddle. The blanket peeks out underneath to cover the pad placed on the horse’s back.

This can provide decoration if you have an elaborate blanket with hanging fringe. It can enhance the beauty of your horse and the beauty of a new or favorite saddle.

Sometimes the blankets are not elaborate and fringed and are of a more useful image. The blankets come around to attach in the front, then there are attachments for each back leg as well to keep the blanket in place.

It provides warmth and comfort to your prize horse and majestic pet.

Some horse blankets are called rugs. It seems funny to think of a rug being placed on your horse’s back, especially under the saddle. In the past, these rugs were made of canvas or something called jute, which is a strong fiber used for making burlap or rope.

Some blankets have an item called a surcingle sewn to keep them in place. A surcingle is a strap that goes around the horse’s body to bind on a saddle. It should also have a warm wool lining.

If your stabled horse has a thin coat or has been clipped, you may want to provide a horse blanket for warmth. While you sit in your warm home, out of the cold, you can be comforted knowing your valued pet has additional protection from the weather.

The horse will feel more loved and cared for and will be more willing to respond to your attentions.

Some horse enthusiasts obtain day rugs and night rugs.

Waterproof canvas has been used in the making of horse blankets, to further protect from the weather and also help lengthen the life of the blanket.

If you are using your animal as a show horse, you might want to provide a saddle with a blanket in matching colors, maybe you’ll want your initials on the blanket for advertisement purposes while your horse waits.

You can custom order your saddle and your blankets.

Sometimes the blanket is placed next to the horse and the pad is placed on top, then the saddle is added. You should always use a pad or blanket under a Western saddle.

Besides being functional as added padding and protection for your clothing if you ride without a saddle, the blanket can be used to help your horse get comfortable with having weight on its back.

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