Saddles and Horse Blankets

They would seem to be a team anywhere, the saddles and horse blankets. Western saddles and horse blankets are a necessary couple. Not all saddles require the use of a horse blanket.
Indeed, there is also padding which could eliminate the need for the horse blanket under a saddle.

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Saddles are plentiful and varied. There are all sorts of types, styles, price ranges, colors, uses, and horse blankets for saddles.

The blanket is a barrier between the saddle and the horse’s skin. It provides a measure of comfort to an otherwise irritating situation.

One wants the horse as comfortable and cared-for as possible to get the best ride and relationship with the horse.

Saddles can say a lot about the rider.

It says you either use it a lot or just a little, it says you take care of it or you neglect it, it says what you use the horse for, whether or not you are an owner who prefers your materials simple or detailed, it can even say which area you are from and how much money you choose to put into your equipment.

The horse blanket can say something about your taste. It can say whether or not you have shopped recently and bought a new blanket or whether you are using a favorite, well-worn blanket. It can say whether or not you prefer elaborate style or just the basics.

It can say whether or not you care to match your colors to your other accessories. It can say where you shop if it is a certain brand or style.

Saddles and horse blankets are a must if you own a horse in a colder region of the United States. Horse blankets are the horse’s jacket if you will.

If you wouldn’t stay in your barn without a jacket, why would you expect your horse to?

Horse blankets and saddles don’t need to be expensive to be useful. Although you want what is the best quality for your horse, you can get better deals on them if you shop around and price-check.

Just remember that you get what you pay for in many cases. Cheap saddles and horse blankets may well be just that!

Another point to remember is that pretty may not go hand-in-hand with practical.

Saddles and blankets must meet the needs of the services you will perform with your horse. Are you buying them for the horse’s comfort or for your own vanity? One may not benefit the other.

Good, used saddles and blankets may be all you require. New is not necessarily a benefit, especially if you are just starting out in the horse business and are stretching your funds.

You can sometimes get really good deals on used saddles as opposed to new ones. Someone may be selling them because they are getting out of the business of owning horses.

Whatever the case, the saddles and the horse blankets should complement each other in usage and at times in the image.

A show horse would not get best of show if he has an old, worn saddle and blanket.

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