What Is Western Tack?

Western tack is also known as ‘cowboy tack’. There is a difference in some of the western tack as opposed to, say, English tack.

The English, for instance, have different tack to accommodate their different usage and riding styles.

Western tack is used more for the purpose of riding the range, in rodeo events, western horse shows, and on western ranches and farms in North and South America.

Western saddles have no padding and require the use of a horse blanket for the animal’s comfort.

Video: How To Replace Your Leather Popper – Get a new leather popper for your training rope.

The English has no horn.

For the uninformed, no, this is not a reference to a horn that honks. If you insist, you could rig a bicycle horn to your tack somewhere, somehow, just for kicks.

Your horse may not appreciate the unwelcome attention it would surely invite from passersby.

The temptation to create noise could spook or irritate your beloved pet.
The western has a horn for the practical use of holding a rope to lasso livestock and for your added convenience and support.

There is much more to western tack than the .

If you haven’t a clue as to what owning a horse involves, review the following shortlist to get familiar with the term western tack.

Breast collars, rope/webbing, western bridles, roping reins, training supplies, spurs, whips, saddles, cinches, girths, pads, horse blankets, stirrups, halters, leads, horseshoes.

Does it seem overwhelming?

To a beginning horse owner, it certainly could be!

Don’t despair or give up easily.

After all, anything worth having is worth learning about!

There’s a wealth of information available about horses, western tack, horse blankets, how to care for horses, where to buy your equipment, feeding, vet supplies, and fencing.

Make sure you do your research, preferably before you begin your journey as a proud horse owner!
There are several words to use to search for information on tack, including western tack, tack, and equipment for horses, cowboy tack, supplies, and horse supplies.

Even a search for horse blankets can lead to discovery for tack. Almost any area of the country is sure to turn up the discovery of someone who owns a horse or is a collector of western tack or horse blankets.

Although the horse blanket may be considered more of a supply than a piece of equipment, it is still associated with western tack. It is a necessary addition to your collection of horse care items.

Your horse blanket can also be used as more than just a blanket for your horse. Suppose you have to spend a night out on the range. You could snuggle up to your horse and share his blanket for warmth!

This is, of course, assuming your horse is a snuggler!

If it’s a nice, clear, warm night, you could use your horse blanket for a pillow or just to lie on.

If you are a collector of western tack, consider adding the horse blanket to your precious list of items to complete the picture.

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