How To Teach A Horse To Side Pass Video

Horse Trick Training Did you know that you can also teach horses tricks? Horse training also involves trick training. The experience can be fun for both the trainer and the horse. There are times when the usual training routine gets boring. You can amuse yourself by teaching your horse neat tricks. Training your horse to […]

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Saddles and Horse Blankets

They would seem to be a team anywhere, the saddles and horse blankets. Western saddles and horse blankets are a necessary couple. Not all saddles require the use of a horse blanket. Indeed, there is also padding which could eliminate the need for the horse blanket under a saddle. Choosing a Rope Halter video. Rope […]

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Horse Tack-Purchasing a Western Saddle Blanket

At first, it can seem like such a simple task, all you have to do is open that glossy horse supply and tack catalog that is laying on the table and purchase a new Western saddle pad. No problem. Just a few short seconds after opening the catalog you realize exactly how big a project […]

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Secrets to Successful Horse Training

Horse owners love to engage in horse races. However, how can you possibly win a race if the horse doesn’t obey you? Through proper horse training techniques, you can make your horse obey your commands on the dot. Untrained horses can be dangerous and it’s vital that you train them. You can’t teach old dogs […]

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Barrel Horse Training

Barrel horses are mostly stubborn, ringy, and they hardly listen to their riders. Because of this, many horse trainers have second thoughts in training them. If you were given a chance to train barrel horses, will you take up the challenge? Video: Folding Hoof Pick. A great, safe, tool to have with you out on […]

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Training a Young Horse

Horse trainers have to have different approaches when dealing with young horses. One is by leaving the horse alone to learn the different skills and the other one is by training the horse at a very early stage. Horse training requires careful thinking in order to be an effective trainer. Video: OTTB Rearing – groundwork-working-with-a-rearing-horse […]

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What’s an Indian Hackamore?

Horse Training at a Given Age The training techniques employed during horse training depends on the age of the horse. What if you had a foal, a yearling, a weanling, 2-3-year-old horse, or above 5 years? Read on and you will find out. What’s an Indian Hackamore? Watch our video to find out. Training a […]

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How To Back Up A Horse With More Energy

Horse Training – Becoming a Trainer Horse training is a difficult task. Being a trainer is really rewarding even and at times it can be time consuming and dangerous. In order to become a good trainer, you must first look for an established and reputable horse trainer in your area and become his assistant. You […]

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Video: Teach a Horse to Side Pass on the Ground – Part 2

Horse Training Guidelines Horsemanship can be easy if you know some guidelines. In this article, you will find helpful guidelines that you can use in horse training. Some horses are easily trained while others are extremely difficult to handle. There should be eagerness on the part of the horse and it will depend on the […]

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Training a Spooky Horse

Even when you’re already a horse trainer, you should not stop learning about horses. Wild horses are not used to human presence. It can be very hard to train them especially if you lack patience and determination. Training a spooky horse is challenging but if you’re up to it, a wild horse is always waiting […]

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Horse Training – Calming Your Horse

Most horse trainers often say that it is important to learn the language of the horse. If you know how to talk with horses, you can easily calm them whenever they feel uncomfortable. In horse training, you should have the ability to calm your horse when the need arises. Video: Making Your Horse More Supple […]

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How to Bathe a Horse in the Winter Video

This is a cool product to wash your horse without the use of any water. Great for cold weather and touch-ups! Too cold to bathe? No problem with One-Shot. Clean and freshen up anytime! Best Shot’s waterless shampoo is perfect for last-minute touch-up jobs, travel stains, grass stains, and unexpected urine or manure messes. Winter […]

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Kindness in Horse Training

It is a known fact that some horse trainers are cruel. In horse training, kindness is an important principle that should be followed at all times. However, too much kindness is also not good. You should still include appropriate punishment if your horse does not follow your commands. Whenever people hear the word ‘punishment’, they […]

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Are Horse Blankets Really Necessary?

Physically the horse is a thing of incredible beauty and unbelievable wonder. There are very few things in the world more beautiful than a well-groomed horse in motion. It doesn’t matter if that horse is performing a complicated dressage test, running down the backstretch, sailing over a jump, or chasing after a calf, the horse […]

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How To Groom A Horse Video

Horses and Sunburn As humans, we are aware of the danger of staying in the sun too long. We know that if we spend to much time out in the sun we run the risk of turning a nice tan into an ugly sunburn. In addition to being unattractive and painful, we are also aware […]

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What Is Western Tack?

Western tack is also known as ‘cowboy tack’. There is a difference in some of the western tack as opposed to, say, English tack. The English, for instance, have different tack to accommodate their different usage and riding styles. Western tack is used more for the purpose of riding the range, in rodeo events, western […]

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Video: Securing the Reins for Lunging a Horse

Horse Training – Rearing Rearing a horse can be dangerous. It’s an undesirable situation that can put you and your horse in real danger. How can you stop horse rearing? There are lots of horse training resources out there but you don’t need to look anywhere else because the answer is already here. This video […]

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Horse Training Schools

If you want to become a good horse trainer, you should be able to attend horse training schools. Education is very important and this is also true with proper horse training. as you become a good trainer, you can also improve your riding skills. Video: How To Stop Rearing and Bucking – How to deal […]

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Video: How to Clean Your Horse’s Hooves

Horse Training: Cutting Horses Most horse owners prefer good cutting horses. In fact, some of them would even make up various reasons to prove that their horse is a good one. It’s hard to tell when a cow horse is a good cutting horse; this usually happens with inexperienced horse owners. Video: How to clean […]

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The Different Types of Horse Blankets and Sheets

If you look in any horse catalog or browse through the blanket section of any tack store you will immediately notice that there is a wide selection of several different types of blankets. To the uninitiated, the exact use for each of these blankets can be confusing. Video: Craig Memorial Equestrian Center riding in the […]

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