Horse Training – Four Lessons to Teach Your Horse

What are the four most important lessons in horse training?

Experts say you must teach your horse about motivation, spot, direction, and reward.

Horse trainers who find it hard to handle must teach their these four lessons. It doesn’t really matter if you’re training a performance horse or a colt because these lessons are essential to the training program.

Don’t let your horse control you; you must be the herd leader.

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Horse training is also about proper control. Training can be compared to building a brick house. It takes some time before you can finish building it.

So you need to give your horse time to learn the various lessons of the training program. The different body parts of your horse should be easily controlled; you can start by controlling one part at a time.

While doing this, you must be an active rider, not a reactive one.


This is the first lesson to introduce to your horse.

Horses are wild animals by nature. They eat, play, groom, and sleep. However, they are also known as herd animals and a mare controls the whole herd. To effectively train your horse, you will need to act as the herd leader.

Since you’ll train your horse, it’s like asking your horse to work for you. You need to think of something to motivate your horse to follow the training program you’ve set up for him.

Horses don’t want to be led and that’s one fact that you should accept. But it doesn’t end there.

You should not give up yet.


This is where ‘spot’ comes in. You must find a spot you can control so your horse will follow. This may take time but just keep on trying to identify the right spot on the horse’s body.


After you’ve found a spot, you need to decide on the direction. Each part of the horse’s body can go in different directions – left, right, forward, backward, down, and up.

Choose only one direction. Ensure your horse understands your aids or signal so that he will not be confused.

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This is the last lesson. When your horse follows your signals, don’t forget to reward him. You can give him a treat or you can pat him lightly and say ‘that’s a good boy/girl’.

The four lessons seem very easy but it’s different when you’re already on the training ground. Stubborn horses are difficult to handle and you will need much time and patience.

If you lack experience, don’t hesitate to consult the experts. Don’t be discouraged because not all horses are stubborn; some are easy to work with.

The secret is to teach the four lessons one at a time. When your horse is familiar with the lessons, you will encounter fewer problems.

Identifying a motivating factor is not as easy as you think. Start out early. You should also be a good rider so that you won’t be confused in interpreting the horse’s moves.

Learn all that you can about proper horse training. You must study the horse’s behavior and personality.

Try to learn how to incorporate these four lessons to your training program, and best of luck to you.

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