Ponies Are So Adorable

Almost any baby is adorable. Okay, there are some that only a mother could love, but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How could anyone not fall in love with ponies? They have such a charm, children are attracted to them, children’s books are written about them, and horse blankets are made […]

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Do You Know What’s Under Your Saddle?

The horse blanket was created for functional use, to be placed under the saddle as an extra cushion, or to be used when a saddle was not available or not necessary. When riding without a saddle, the blanket can soak up sweat or dirt from the horse to prevent or reduce transfer onto your clothing […]

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Caring for a Pony During the Winter

Most horse owners have started out the same way… loving and caring for ponies. Former pony owners look back on their pony owning years and a distant faraway expression comes over their faces. It is nearly impossible for a horse owner not to have a pony story, some good some not so good. Video: How […]

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Horse blankets and Horse Boots Have Their Purposes

“Horse boots?” you ask. “Horse blankets…does my horse come with its own wardrobe?” The purchase of a horse can bring so many changes; it can overwhelm the owner just by the information needed on the supplies. Video: How to Groom a Horse. This video is on how to use the different brushes while grooming.  For […]

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The Different Types of Fly Sheets

Anyone who owns horses knows that flies are a problem. Even barns and horse owners with the tidiest stables, that haul their manure away immediately and have nice dry sandy lots have to deal with fly issues. Many horse owners attempt to control their fly population by using a variety of methods including fly sprays, […]

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Choosing Tack for the Dressage Horse

Dressage is a riding discipline that celebrates discipline, grace, elegance, and beauty. It is a riding discipline that is made even more beautiful by its simplicity. Video: A Rescue Horse’s Story – Mojito is a rescue horse who is (almost) 4 years old.  Mojito has been adopted! He is both intelligent and sensible. He was […]

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